Saturday, May 6, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers - May 06 2017

Yeats' yet
Wrestling hold
Without delay
Willing subjects?
What may be seen before long
They were in it but didn't win it
Team builders
Surfing need, briefly
Supper, say
Somme time
Somme co
Silly question starter?
Pudding starch
Prepare for a transplant
Pizza Hut's Texas headquarters
Palate cleansers
One of the Ivies
One may be thrown in anger
Mohawk's confederacy
Mil. VIP
Metal precioso
Licorice-flavored brew
Letters after Sen. Schumer's name
Leaves alone
Language that gave us 'galore'
Jonquil and daffodil
It, in Italy
It replaced 'Court' in a TV channel name
It may be spontaneous
Hot skillet sound
Harem rooms
Greeting carrier
Gets moving
Flat-screen predecessors
Extra-wide spec
Eleanor Roosevelt's real first name
Diner owner __ Lee on '2 Broke Girls'
Crossing the keel
Crime author Cornwell
Con __: briskly, on scores
Commercial word after 'open,' perhaps
Cloud __
Chocolate __
Challenge for srs
Call out
British prime minister during two millennia
Bon Ami competitor
Blueblood, informally
Bit of mischief
Big Macks
Beneficial berry
Band letters
Attack from above
Anne Frank's father
Ancient mariners
Amp setting
Abruzzi town in a Longfellow poem
1967 self-titled folk album
1962 John Wayne film set in Africa
1924 novel set during the British Raj
'Way to go!'
'Peaky Blinders' network, with 'the' - See more at:

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