Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Clues                    Answers
1. Let the tears out BAWL
5. Fast-food pork sandwich MCRIB
10. Oar SCULL
15. Datebook opening SLOT
19. Ad, basically LURE
20. “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d,” for one ELEGY
21. Riveting woman? ROSIE
22. Break-even transaction WASH
23. Twistable snack OREO
24. Rock guitarist Eddy DUANE
25. Bungling INEPT
26. Off-the-wall answer? ECHO
27. Bud who’s been fired? CANNED BRO (from “canned broth”)
29. Search online about auditory issues? GOOGLE “EAR” (from “Google Earth”)
31. Sources of complaints ILLS
32. Porch furniture material RATTAN
36. Breakfast grain OAT
37. Course accomplishment BIRDIE
40. High-altitude home AERIE
41. Maine course LOBSTER
45. 1941 FDR creation USO
46. GEICO gecko’s financial counterpart? CREDIT CARD EFT (from “credit card theft”)
50. “Bambi” role ENA
51. Talmudic scholar RABBI
53. Pull-down beneficiaries LATS
54. Some tech sch. grads EES
55. Spew out EGEST
57. “Happy to help” NO BOTHER
59. Trickles SEEPS
61. Smooth transition SEGUE
62. “Hedda Gabler” playwright IBSEN
63. Colorado county or its seat PUEBLO
65. Kept for later STORED
66. Reunion attendees KIN
68. One fastidious about table manners? EATER CRITIC (from “theater critic”)
71. Medit. country ISR
72. Bing’s co-star in “The Bells of St. Mary’s” INGRID
75. Use as support REST ON
76. Oscar winner Williams ROBIN
79. March VIP ST PAT
80. “Papa Bear” of football HALAS
81. Chicago’s “in the Park” time SATURDAY
84. Mazda sports car MIATA
85. Rocks in rye ICE
86. Primatologist Fossey DIAN
88. Easily deceived NAIVE
89. One-time Capitol Records parent EMI
90. Editor’s marks in the margin? LATERAL INKING (from “lateral thinking”)
95. “Get it done” NOW
96. Alley game TENPINS
98. Moto portrayer LORRE
99. Evens up ALIGNS
101. High bond rating AAA
102. Willowy SVELTE
104. Radio-active sort? CBER
105. Displeased reaction to election turnout? VOTING BOO (from “voting booth”)
109. Streams stocked with elongated fish? GAR BROOKS (from “Garth Brooks”)
114. Rare cry from the slots I WON!
115. Come from behind RALLY
117. Asian capital HANOI
118. Technology prefix NANO-
119. It may be reserved SEAT
120. Guadalajara gal pal AMIGA
121. “What the Butler Saw” playwright ORTON
122. Chain with stacks IHOP
123. Puts in ADDS
124. Polite title MADAM
125. Picking out, as a perp IDING
126. Team that’s played in the same park for 100 years CUBS

1. Political coalition BLOC
2. Intangible quality AURA
3. Little singer WREN
4. Ex-Soviet leader Brezhnev LEONID
5. One getting too personal MEDDLER
6. Caddies carry them CLUBS
7. Back REAR
8. “That’s not important” IGNORE IT
9. Tournament pass BYE
10. __ Lanka SRI
11. Dance in a line CONGA
12. Apply to USE ON
13. Slimming option, for short LIPO
14. Release LET GO OF
15. Term of affection SWEETS
16. Make more potent LACE
17. Org. with an Anti-Retaliation webpage OSHA
18. Red-bearded god THOR
28. Brings forth ELICITS
30. Blood work, e.g. LAB TEST
33. Cultural pursuits ARTS
34. It may be a sign of stress TIC
35. Caddy contents, perhaps TEA
37. Ruin in the kitchen BURN
38. Golfer Aoki ISAO
39. Consequence of a heist injury? ROBBING PAIN (from “throbbing pain”)
40. Purim month ADAR
41. Lower in price LESS
42. Part of a project to recycle golf accessories? TEE GRINDING (from “teeth grinding”)
43. Comes after ENSUES
44. Like “American Sniper” RATED R
47. Supreme Court appointee after Sonia ELENA
48. Land on the sea? REEL IN
49. Stop on a line DEPOT
52. Tiny Tim’s dad BOB
56. Graphic beginning? GEO-
58. Be mindful of HEED
59. Breakaway factions SECTS
60. Iberian river to the Mediterranean EBRO
63. Kitchen gadget PEELER
64. __ Minor URSA
65. Conan Doyle, by birth SCOT
66. Fate KISMET
67. Eventually IN TIME
69. Barely detectable amount TRACE
70. Tabriz native IRANI
73. State secrets? RAT
74. Salad bar choice ITALIAN
77. Criminal likely to get caught BUNGLER
78. Portfolio holding, for short IRA
80. Stage successes HITS
81. Benefit SAKE
82. Lady’s company? AVON
83. Trees used for archery bows YEWS
86. Scuttlebutt DIRT
87. Concerning, with “to” IN REGARD
91. Parties, to pirates ANAGRAM
92. Part of IPA ALE
93. Bit of cybermirth LOL
94. Picking up NABBING
97. Goes over the wall? PAINTS
100. Having a twist IRONIC
102. Not flimsy SOLID
103. Europe’s longest river VOLGA
104. Sing like Rudy Vallee CROON
105. Plastic choice VISA
106. Had to pay OWED
107. Despicable sort TOAD
108. The Tide BAMA
110. Dead set against ANTI
111. Island where Bette Midler was born OAHU
112. A lock may be in one KNOB
113. Soaks (up) SOPS
116. Holiday veggie YAM
117. __ polloi HOI