Sunday, May 21, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers - May 21 2017

You can't live without it
Yoplait competitor
Yoga position
Wrong at the start?
Wrapped Mexican fare
Words after make or take
Wish were here
Weather-sensitive airport stat
Weather Channel concern
Waits for an agent, maybe
Vintage vehicle
Versatile NFL defenders
Usually single-stranded molecule
USC, for one
USC part: Abbr
Universe of Energy locale
Tylenol result, ideally
Twists, e.g
Twist in a tale
Treated very roughly
Tom or Jerry
Tolkien monster
Think (over)
The __ Store
The end of its name is also its natl. airline
Teeny tiny
Taste enhanced by shrimp paste
Sun. speech
Spy with a sweet tooth?
Siri's Amazon counterpart
Short filmmaker?
Short cut
Sharp criticism
Sharable doc format
Secretly kept in the message loop, for short
SeaWorld performer
Sea once home to 1,100-plus islands
Scout rider
Salon treatment
Rulers in a line
Public outcry
Pronoun for a skiff
Prior president who swore in two subsequent presidents
Preventative power
President's daily delivery?
Plants of immortality, to ancient Egyptians
Pharmacy pickups
Penne __ vodka
One who may cease to exist when underappreciated?
NutraSweet developer
North Pole yoga need?
Nailed the test
Mythical bird
Movie promoters
Mop tamer
Minor tiff
Milan moolah
Mayflower notable
Make more than
Love, Italian-style
Loop in a cattle drive
Live-in nanny
Lines for an audience
Limerick neighbor
Like revealing memoirs
Like most cheeseburgers
Library attention-getter
LaserJet printers
Lab gel
Jungle chest-beater
Juice-and-fish-broth product
Joined forces
John of 'Star Trek'
John of 'Hairspray'
Its logo contains Hebrew letters
It's only make-believe
It helps you focus
IMF division?: Abbr
Iditarod trainee?
Hearty comfort food
Having a kick
Had the most points
Grand Canyon rentals
Grafton's '__ for Burglar'
God in the Vatican
Give the green light
Foamy eye-opener
Foam finger number
Floral ring
First name in virology
Filmy fabric
Exhibit with a baby
Drama written in code?
Donor drive target
Dell operator
Dash gauges
Cuba libre ingredient
Court figure
Corp. symbols
Computer download
Common town ctr
Chews the scenery
Chew the fat
Check for doneness?
Change, as a will
Certain entrance fee
Cell dweller
Cat's tail, maybe?
Burrower servicing borrowers?
Brown on a shelf
Bronco's bailiwick
Big Pharma dept
Big name in labels
Biblical backstabber
Bear's advice
Arco de Constantino locale
Aligned, with 'in'
Acknowledge the general
Acknowledge the general
Ace accountant
'The Simpsons' disco devotee
'That's clear'
'That's a shame'
'That hurts!'
'Off' is often printed on one
'Nebraska' Oscar nominee
'I did it!'
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Saturday, May 20, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers - May 20 2017

__ wage
__ learning
__ dos: both
Winner of the most Grand Slam singles titles in the Open Era
Vowel-free lunch
Violinist Mintz mentored by Isaac Stern
Title role for Roger Moore and Val Kilmer
Texas city near Juárez
Stein's partner
Small stream
Small part of a big machine
Small group
Slugfest feature
Skein makeup
Sampras rival
Run with abandon
Rose on the charts
Reel off
Recess in church
Prefix with drama
Pico de gallo pepper
PC components
On tap
Neat wrap-up?
National capital from the Algonquin for 'to trade'
Mus. version
Movie makeup dept. creations
More angry
Monterey and Montclair, for short
Milky Way cousin
Metro abbr
Maryland state bird, e.g
JFK skill
Ipanema greeting
Idris of 'Zootopia'
High-end fashion accessory, briefly
Having an unusually large yellow part
Go together well
French physician Paul for whom an area of the brain is named
Former White House daughter
E-card occasions
Divider's opposite
Dialogue box?
Confident walk
Company known for programming languages
Commonly long-handled tool
Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos
Capacity count
Canine fixers
Canine cleaners
Brown nemesis?
Be unproductive
Baited with a red herring
A's in Hebrew school?
2010 role for Denzel
'¿Qué es __?': 'What's this?'
'__ Maria'
'__ Fideles'
'That's enough outta you!'
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