Sunday, May 14, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers - May 15 2017

__ about: circa
Youthful bar patrons are usually asked for them
You, in French
Wine stopper
Whence chocolate
Trampled (on)
Tolkien tree creature
Tibet's continent
Take the bus
Take advantage of
Sty calls
Stitch's movie pal
Soul automaker
Soccer shoe's turf grabber
Ship fronts
Shaq of the NBA
Romance novelist Roberts
Rich person's suffix
Restful resorts
Really old
Prefix for an intoxicating weed
Phys. or entom
Part of NYSE: Abbr
Organ knob
Old Italian coin
Not windy
Modernists, informally
Mild Dutch cheese
Mercury Seven astronaut John
Mandela's land: Abbr
Leave the stage
Kitchen invader
Kicks back
Jazz singer James
How 'The Raven' poet signed some of his letters
Heroic exploit
Hawks and eagles
Has lunch, say
Gray hue
Golf great with an 'army'
Game one for season ticket holders ... or, literally, what each word in the answers to starred clues can have
Gambling city near Tahoe
French brother
Ford flop
For the most part
Experience, as emotions
Drummer Ringo
Driver's one-eighty
Donald Duck, to his nephews
Czech Republic region
Cows' milk glands
Colorful aquarium fish
Capital of Ghana
Bleak, in verse
Big name in packaged soup
Beach sidler
Ball-balancing circus animal
Back at sea?
Arthritis detectors
Algerian seaport
Adobe file format
51-Down's 'Chicago' role
*Where the biggest headlines are
*Sports industry mogul
*Handyman's forte
*Frolic unrestrained
'__ we meet again'
'__ trip!': 'Let's travel!'
'Republic' philosopher
'Holiday Inn' holiday
'Here comes trouble!'
'Chicago' co-star Zellweger
'... why __ thou forsaken me?': Matthew - See more at:

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