How you can solve crosswords in less time?

About thousands of people want to know about the answer of above question. Solving crossword puzzle is actually an art as everyone solves it in quite different ways and solving in less time is difficult than you think.  But as you know that practice is the key to achieve this goal and will make you the fastest puzzle solver in the world. But yes a little help will help players who are looking forward to be the best in this puzzle game. So, here is this little help: 

Work on your vocabulary

This is one of the most common tips given by you from different people. But many people solve the puzzle in more time because they just figure out their word they are thinking in their mind. Most of the time, they don’t know about that word which slow their speed of playing the puzzle. 

At first, take outside help like books or internet to find out about new words. Also, stick to this technique and I bet you will learn large number of words. 
If you love to study books then this will also a good starting point but I suggest you to find some interesting way to improve it. 

Try to increase your memory

When we are not able to memories any word then you will stuck at that place and waste time there. So, for fast speed you should work on your memory power and for that try to play other puzzle game also. Good food is also helpful in this condition as try to include brain boosting foods in your diet. Although if you are playing this game for fun, but it has many health benefits and good for mental health. So, try this tip also. 

Practice, practice and practice

As more you play the game, more you get perfect in it and become fastest in this game. Also, you need to understand that this is not possible in one day as you have to do it at least for two to three months. Besides this, the learning speed of every human being is different and thus some will learn it quickly while other takes time. 

At first find out the average time you are required to solve the puzzle. After it, try to beat your previous time and continue this till you do not reach to your determined time period. 

Also, playing with other players also help in this. Compete with them and try to solve it before your opponent player. This technique is much better because it’s like a challenge for both of you. 

Manipulate letters 
Clues and questions are a part of answer actually but many players don’t get this. Try to think of the words related to the given word or add or subtract some letters in order to create a word which has some meaning. This is quite tricky but if you know this trick then you will ultimately win this game in short time. 

Try to consider two words at a time and then try to make words from it which might be the answer of the question. 

Next time, remove some words and then add also if you think it will word. Many players think that it is a very time consuming process but it’s actually save your time. This is because you are thinking in a right way instead of thinking wrong way. 

Also, do not forget to considered clues also. Keep practicing this method and after some time this jumbling or adding thing become easy for you. 

Jumble words

They are also known as anagrams and this technique is some like the above technique. Whenever you get confuse then fist thing you should do is to anagram them. Also, you should read the phrases and in many clues this thing is mention. Yes, there is exception in it as you should have to be good in this job so try to be good in it as it is not that difficult. 

Read again and again

Many players not even read the question properly and later on they find out that they are struggling to find the answer of wrong question. Also, puzzles are tricky and thus read it for multiple times. This technique will let you to understand the puzzle plus pick out the important words and try to relate them.  

Considered literary 

In the puzzle, you will get number of fictional characters and many players don’t know about them. Also, if you don’t know from where to know about them then books like bile and famous novels are helpful. Also, they are not only included in phrases but they are answer sometimes. When it is about crossword puzzle then answer can be anything. It depends on the puzzle editor as what he/she likes to include in it. When you know the right path for the answer then you will reach at the right destination without wasting time. 

Develop your own style

Let’s find the truth that there is no limit of excellent players and for this they give credit to their methods. Everyone is different and their way of thinking also, which lead to the creation of variety of methods. Try to find ways which sounds easy to you and do not follow other techniques of playing if they are not of your taste. When you have your own style then you will not have to remember other playing techniques. 

Concentrate on your plus points

This puzzle game required skill and everyone have some plus points and the negative one. For example if your memory is good the learn words, if vocabulary is good then make it stronger etc. Try to rectify your minus points and cover it with the plus one. 
You are surprise to know that there are players for whom solving puzzle is like eating cake. You can be one of them but you required to be hard working. One day, all your hard work will turn into reward. 

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