Sunday, April 30, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers - May 01 2017

Yule song
Works with a needle
Word with bar or torch
Wide-spouted pitcher
Weekend-starting letters
Unit seized by a narc
Twinge of hunger
Tupperware covers
Take the wheel
Symbol of sanctity
Some toy dogs, for short
Some surrealist paintings
Soft French cheese
Slam dunk or lay-up
Scrubbed, as a NASA mission
Schuss or slalom
Sacrificial __
Read electronically
Puccini opera
Position behind the steering wheel
Phoenix suburb
Patriot Allen
Pass, as a law
Part of a relay race
Paintball impact sound
Nuremberg no
Notes to staff
Not just a talker
North Pole worker
Mop, as decks
Mocking remark
Mexican 'Hi!'
Make cryptic
Llama habitat
Line up
Licorice-flavored seed
Largest city in North Africa
Landlocked African republic
Jamie of 'M*A*S*H'
Home for mil. jets
Grand-scale film
Geometry calculation
Forgetful moment
Electric car brand
Designed to minimize junk email
Composer Stravinsky
Coffee lightener
Cinnamon roll lure
Bygone airplane area
Bird's nest component
Big name in pineapples
Big gulp
Bed size
Be concerned
Band with a voltage symbol in its logo
Back of a hit 45 record
Apple music players
'__ of Green Gables'
'__ idiot!': 'Doh!'
'Rubber Duckie' singer on Sesame Street
'No need to tell me'
'Green Acres' co-star
'Fingers crossed'
'Exactly!' ... and a hint to where 20-, 36- and 43-Across' ending words may be found
'Drinks are __!'
'Cut corners' or 'slash prices'
'Beware the __ of March' - See more at:

LA Times Crossword Answers - April 30 2017

WWII spy gp
Word with link or letter
Word of origin
Word in a Marines slogan
Word heard in Bedrock
West Point letters
Vacation choice
Treacherous type
Travelocity enticement
Tough test
They're often about nothing
They catch a lot of shrimp
The Silver St
Texter's 'Just a thought ... '
Tampico trio
St. Peter's Basilica sight
Sport with double touches
Spike for Hillary
Smith grad
Slices of history
Slangy sib
Sitcom pioneer, familiarly
Self-titled 1974 pop album
Scott who wrote 'Island of the Blue Dolphins'
Scale starting words
Satiric magazine founded in 1952
Sam seen in bars
Salon supply
Salem-to-Portland dir
Room at the Louvre
Rodeo goad
Reservations can help avoid one
Register a preference
Rain-__ bubble gum
Puppeteer Tony
Primer layer
Pooh, to Roo
Player in a loft
Play set on an island, with 'The'
Play area
Pirate's syllables
Paganini's birthplace
Otto I's realm: Abbr
Orch. section
Office holders?
Novelist Jaffe
Nautical pole
Motion carriers
Mirror image?
Minnesota's '10,000'
Military setting
Mask wearers
Marathon practice run
Many a techie
Make, as butter
Made on a wheel
Ma non __: not too much, in music
Loud speakers
Longship crew
London's 'Ye Olde Mitre,' e.g
Lincoln Center attraction, familiarly
Like some focus groups
Latin being
Knighted McKellen
Kid-to-kid retort
Kid in a '60s sitcom
Katahdin is its highest peak
K-12, in brief
José's half-dozen
Its flag features a six-pointed star
Improve, in some cases
Hurdle for Hannibal
Homeland of tennis star Novak Djokovic
High hairdo
Hide from an animal
Haunted house sounds
Half a track?
H.S. hurdles
Grow pale
Greets the villain
Graphic start
Gilbert who created TV's 'The Talk'
Freudian conscience
French article
Freetown currency
FedEx rival
Feature of haiku, and of the answers to starred clues
Face cream additive
Eye opener?
Exile isle
Enter noisily
Elegant trimmings
Eighth-century pope
Eastern faith
Doesn't give up
Did a few laps
Defensive ditch
Dark horses
Cub great Sandberg
Cries after fĂștbol goals
Cold War initials
Chop __
Chihuahua or Maltese, in dog shows
Cap'n's aide
Candy aisle choice
Cabinet department
Bubbly source
Broadway restaurant founder
Bother a lot
Big mouths
Beatrix Potter's real first name
Barbecue supply
Ancient region of Asia Minor
Aleppo native
Adds to the pool
A golf green may be shaped like one
911 responder
48-Across player
*What it often is on a summer day
*Scuba divers' bash
*Sale indicator
*One-to-one conversation
*Iconic suburban symbol
*Highly sought-after charter captain
*Awkward TV silence
'Wayward __': Shyamalan TV series
'The X-Files' extra
'The Way __': 2007 Timbaland hit - See more at: