Saturday, April 15, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers - April 15 2017

Young would-be 19-Across in 2000 news
Yippie Hoffman
Word heard before a pistol fires
Water or gas
Walk quartet
V-shaped cut
Thin coat
Tahari of fashion
Sounded displeased
Solar __
Silver tongue
Sheikdom of song
Seriously hurts
Selena and others
Sch. in the same system as Berkeley
River across Quebec, in Quebec
Record flaw
Rathskeller turndown
Protective display cover
Prepare for a new assault
Pasta ingredient
Oakland's county
Nevada's state flower
More than a little unpopular
Moonraker, for one
Make bubbly
Lily's 'Laugh-In' operator
Like some winds
Like some mounts
Like many candles
Liftoff sensation
Lab dish subject
Janitor's supply
In silence
How many TV shows are aired
Hold 'em holding
Historical Oder River region
Heavy traffic may affect them, briefly
Hawthorne's Prynne
Half of Bennifer
Grafton's '__ for Burglar'
Get to
Flies over Africa?
Fishhook connector
First date concern
Dairy line?
Currency exchange fee
Collector's targets
Coach of Nadia and Mary Lou
Civil War battle site
Charmingly rustic
Carousel riders
Candidate for Photoshop
Campaign pro
Calif. NHL team, on scoreboards
By the book
Business that requires browsing
Biblical wife of Ahab
Becomes ripe
Asylum seeker
'You kiss by the book' speaker
'Unfaithful' co-star
'Joyful, __ nations, rise': carol lyric
'Inferiority complex' coiner - See more at:

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