Thursday, April 27, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers - April 27 2017

__ Islands: Danish archipelago
__ fide
__ crossroads
What the nose knows
Way around the city
Vat filler
Tries to unearth
Treated with a pack
Tottenham tint
Took another plunge?
Tiny bit of time: Abbr
The Stooges frontman
Tabloid fodder
Storm's dir
Source of party gifts
Saws with wisdom
Safari guide's weapon
Remove from consideration
Remote button
Pop singer Spektor
Photographer's buy
Pay attention to
Ohio aviation city
Nabisco chocolate treat
Masked drama
Literary alter ego
Like some e-readers
Letter from school
Learns new technology, say
Last part
Land mentioned in the spiritual 'Go Down, Moses'
Lab units
John of 'Fuller House'
Jewish ceremony for a newborn son
Istanbul : Constantinople :: Tokyo : __
Hose connections
Gives a hand
Gardening tools
Four-time discus gold medalist
Extra purchase
Extra number
Elastic wood
Diner call ... and what the answer to each starred clue literally contains
Comic strip outburst
Classic V-8
Chewing gum ingredient
Boot reinforcements
Blow one's top
Bentley of 'Ghost Rider'
Banister post
Auburn University's avian battle cry
Airport near Citi Field: Abbr
Admin. aides
1959 Gidget player
1930s N.Y. Giants star Lefty
*One of a romantic dozen
*Neighborhood TV host?
*Many a dorm accommodation
*Computer network component
'We __ please'
'The Gold-Bug' author
'That's amazing!'
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