Wednesday, April 19, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers - April 19 2017

__ setter
Work together
Vest fabric
Twice-baked cookies
Tool box item
The Euphrates flows through it
Something to chew
Some kitchen appliances
Ship with liquid cargo
Shepherd's dinner, perhaps
Security breaches
Santa __ Mountains
Responds in court
Racer's swimwear brand
Quick snooze
Pts. by Vikings
Price of admission
Present mo
Pop singer Grande's fragrance
Polishing targets
Perlman of 'The Mindy Project'
Pearl Jam frontman Vedder
Pan flying
On the sidelines
Officejet printers
Like King Kong
Like 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
Legendary fighter
King Kong, e.g
It often has four doors
Ingredient in some Asian soup, or, literally, what each answer to a starred clue has
In itself
Hosp. areas
Home buyer's choice
Hog fare
Hit the slopes
Highest peak in Ore
Has too much of, briefly
Handle on many elevators
Golfer's four, often
Golfer's birdie, often
Flight stat
Finnish tech giant
Emotional states
Electric guitar pioneer
Devours eagerly
Dallas-to-Houston dir
Critter rescue org
Country that won the most Olympics medals in Rio
Color named for a planet
Coffee maker unit
Christian sch. in Tulsa
Celebrity chef Paula
Cave feedback
Business card no
Bus stations
Bone, to Botticelli
Big name in home security
Big name in business jets
Bento box staple
Barbecue spice mixture
Annoyed reply to 'Are you awake?'
A handful
*Testimony preceder
*Garment with a fitted waist and flared bottom
*Garage alternative
*Droopy-eared dog
*Common cause of food poisoning
'Well, looky here!'
'Tommy' band
'Only Time' songwriter
'I've seen better'
'Darn it!'
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