Friday, April 14, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers - April 14 2017

Wine bottle figs
Whiskey option
Where Gauguin painted 'Woman With a Flower'
What many golfers regularly engage in?
Tot's indigestion area
Toddler's downtime
Tell, memorably
Take in, maybe
Tablet input
Sweater wool
Summer Triangle twinkler
Stick (on)
Skeletal opening?
Self-evident actualities
Sad, on the Seine
Rotation meas
Rodeo critter
Reprobate's regular expense?
Reel, for one
Popular wine region
Poetic praise
Part of UTEP
Part of UTEP
Mauna __
Like wild horses
Like Mexico's Pyramid of the Magician
Like many bar jokes
Like Mandarin Chinese, linguistically
Least spoiled
Lays to rest
Kind of deviation: Abbr
Japanese market letters
Item under a top
Insensitive zealot?
Ham's accessory
Grows periodically
Golf course equipment of the future?
Get rid of
Genesis mount
Funny pair?
Frying preparation
Fronton game word
Fledgling launching spots
Eye parts
End of __
Duncan of baking fame
Downgrade, maybe
Concurrent with
Color in 'America the Beautiful'
Clay-court legend
Casual refusal ... and, another way, a hint to this puzzle's four longest answers
Canvas shelter
Blow a fuse
Big artery
Bashful comrade?
Asian capital
All there
Actress Carrie who was married to Dick Cavett
1860s White House boy
'80s-'90s slugger Fielder
'The Quiet Man' co-star
'The Queen' (2006) star
'I wanna try!'
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