Sunday, April 16, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers - April 16 2017

__ nectar: sugar substitute
Yours, in Cognac
Yoga class greeting
Wrinkly fruits
Wine list heading
Varnish component
Used a bench, say
Turf disputes
Tonic ingredient
Tofurky protein source
Tire for emergencies
Tiny bit
They, in Cognac
The Eagles' '__ Eyes'
Tango move
Tailgating fixtures
Suss (out)
Subj. for Janet Yellen
Strip gas
State of disarray
Spicy steamed Mexican food
Speed deterrent
Spanish pronoun
Something flashed by a catcher
Some battered rings
Soapbox user
Ski resort sight
Sister brand of Nilla
Singer Laine
Singer Al making a strike?
Silkscreen aid
Shoelace protector
Selectively remove
See 80-Across
Scott Eastwood, to Clint
Sally having fun?
Romaine bit
Quisling's crime
Quaker in the wind
Provide a bank floor plan for, say
Prayer supports
Pooh's mopey pal
Pond flower
Place for shady transactions
Place for a bud?
Physics Nobelist of 1938
Perfect Sleepers, e.g
Pass good in 28 countries
Painter of dancers
Pageant sparkler
Ottawa-born songwriter Paul
One typing a's and z's
One of 18 on a disc golf course
Nicolas taking a swing?
Newsman Koppel
Needing to be saved?
Navel type
Nathan at quarterback?
Muscle-bone connector
Mumbai mister
Masterful move
Many a pizza slice
Maker of Regenerist skin care products
Major snag
Lucille on a trampoline?
Look for
London's Virgin __ Records
Little bite
Linguine sauce
Like sundials
Layered lunches
Lara's love
Lacking variety
Labor day deliveries
King known for his wealth
JFK : New York :: __ : Chicago
In one piece
Hexa- halved
Had Subway fare
Greenwich Village sch
Grassy expanse
Google Maps lines: Abbr
Golf course rental
Full house, e.g
French sponge cake
Following remark?
Florist's creation
Express sympathy (with)
Exiled Roman poet
Eurasian border river
Editor Talese with her own Doubleday imprint
Dürer, e.g
Doris during a workout?
Disc golf obstacle
Director Oliver working on pizza dough?
Diaper cream additive
Degs. for writers
Deepest, as feelings
Cymbals with a pedal
Cuthbert of '24'
Con man's expression
Computer with a Magic Keyboard
Comical Samantha busy stitching?
Clashing with, with 'of'
Certain triathlete
Cause of some lines
Canines with corded coats
Butterlike topping
Broadway matchmaker
Big primate
Big 112-Down
Benchmark: Abbr
Bank deposit
Baker's gluten-free choice
Avoid, as an issue
Amtrak stop: Abbr
Amen Corner golf course, familiarly
Alpha __
2002 skating gold medalist Hughes
1688 coffeehouse founder Edward better known in the insurance world
'Vette roof option
'__ Schoolchildren': Tracy Kidder book
'View of Toledo' painter
'Today' alternative, for short
'Spider-Man' actress
'Silent Spring' subj
'Lord, is __?': Matthew
'House' actor Omar
'He Was Despised,' in Handel's 'Messiah'
'Billions' network, briefly
'16 and Pregnant' spin-off - See more at:

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