Wednesday, May 10, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers - May 10 2017

__ Wednesday
__ rally
Yin partner
Word on a sample check
With 23-Across, 'Life of Pi' Oscar winner
Wilder's '__ Town'
Where LeBron plays home games, on scoreboards
Very long spell
Tune for two
Top draft status
Sneaky guy?
Show of indifference
See 39-Down
Rock of comedy
Road trip convenience
Respectful refusal
Put up, as wallpaper
Posed a question
Portable gifts for book lovers
Pops the cork from
Passed down, as folk mus
Part of mph
Off the mark
NYC airport code
Moving vehicle
Mom's demand for an explanation
Miata automaker
Like some smiles
Left base illegally
Lawman Earp
Kitchen spray
Juan's uncle
Jared of 'Suicide Squad'
Iowa college town
Iditarod front-runners ... or what both parts of the answers to starred clues can do?
Held tightly (to)
Have debts
Go up and down
Glacial periods
Fleecy boot brand
Exchange rate abbr
Electronic security corp
Edible mollusk
Destinations in Clue
CPR pro
Country singer Lovett
Coop resident
Chopper blade
Charlotte of 'The Facts of Life'
Caution to drivers
Cat, often
Cannes concepts
Came down with
Bugs of crime
Bit of cornfield cacophony
Bicycle part
Be dressed in
Baker's accessory
Attach, as a patch
Antique shoppe adjective
Ancient Aegean region
All skin and bones
6-Down leader
*Suffering harsh criticism
*Member of a 1960s Chinese paramilitary group
*Highway patrol group
*Hard-to-control blaze
*Deep trouble
'Sailing to Byzantium' poet
'Right back atcha'
'One for me, too'
'Mrs. Dalloway' novelist - See more at:

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