Saturday, May 13, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers - May 13 2017

__ Doon, Bay Area community named by a Scotsman
Zhou __
Turkish title
Teen's source of funds
Takes a turn for the worse?
Symbol of sovereignty
Sycophant's specialty
Surface application
Sugar source
Suffix with Congo
Strong pitches
Start of a modern afterthought
Sneaky chortles
Sign of summer
Short do
Scratches (out)
Sacrificed considerably
Restricted pending disciplinary action
Relaxed to the max
Record trademark
Real estate buy
Queen of Thorns portrayer on TV
Partner of all
Overly precious, in Portsmouth
Oocyte producer
One may be taken on the road
Old man, in Mannheim
Neutral shades
Name probably derived from scat singing
Metaphor for high speed
Mess up
Low mark
Like Orson, on a '70s-'80s sitcom
Leb. neighbor
Lascivious look
Key with five sharps: Abbr
It makes everything taste better, they say
Help on the job?
Grab, as at a smorgasbord
Glaze causes
Floaters in a Japanese ceremony
First flight launch site
Exhaust (oneself), as in a workout
Drum with a fife
Driver's choice
Dog in the Reagan White House
D-Day craft
Clip contents
Classic theater
Child with dishes
Chandon's partner
Cassowary cousin
Cal. entry
Broadcast genre
Big shot
Beetle cousin
Band with a self-named 1978 debut album
Awkward moment makeup
Ancient Greek physician
50-50, say
1942 Hayworth/Mature musical
'Your money's no good here'
'Lady Jane Grey' playwright - See more at:

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