Friday, May 12, 2017

LA Times Crossword Answers - May 12 2017

Waldo forerunner?
Usual night in the old town?
Travel bag attachment
Theo van Gogh, notably
Sweet climber
Speck in la mer
Some shoulders
Simba's love
Silent signal
Sharp bark
Ruler that doesn't work anymore
Repeated number of curls, say
Quality marsh output?
Place to take a dip?
Place to take a dip
Parson's home
Orange variety
Office staple
Nutrients in nuts
Non-suicidal migrants, contrary to myth
Mayo is in it
Maestro Zubin
Litter pickup spot?
Liszt's '__ Préludes'
Lightens up
Lamb's place
Lamb's alias
Khartoum's waters
Julia of film
It may be under a rug
In like an old cat?
Hits up (for)
Heidi got high on one
Group with many barrels
Gold dust lid cover?
Gender-specific pronoun
Gender-specific beverage?
Fish house freebie
Far from harmless
Fanny pack spot
Fan noise
Facetious agreement
Entomological case study?
Editorial override
Doppelgänger cast for a low-budget remake of 'Ocean's 11'?
Cry to a mate
Couth he is not
Canadian pump name
Cambodia's Lon __
Cambodia neighbor
Cain was one
Cabs, say
Bust gp
Buck heroine
Bonus, in ads
Bite playfully
Birds do it between thermals
Bag carrier
Backing strips
#30 on a table
'__ in point'
'People' person, perhaps
'L'Arlésienne' composer
'Dies __'
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